I’m a guy who mostly lives in the “right now.” I never thought too much about yesterday, and probably never thought enough about tomorrow.  Composing and producing music (often on a deadline), [...]


On Being Pigeonholed

Most of us have been “pigeonholed,” or creatively typecast at some point in our lives.  For all I know, it’s human nature to reduce another person to a particular thing, so we can better identify [...]


I Feel, Therefore I Am

Generally speaking, music appeals first to our emotions. What is it about a beautiful melody, or evocative harmonies that appeals to the heart?  And if it has a great beat, music reaches some [...]


For the love of…

The word amateursometimes gets a bad rap.  Besides describing one who follows a pursuit without being paid, amateur also means “inept” or “incompetent.” But there are a lot of [...]


God Is Faithful…All Year ‘Round

It’s been quite a year. In the past twelve months, I’ve been through a major surgery and a minor surgery. I’ve buried a younger sister, an old friend, and a mentor. My wife, a [...]