The Twelve Choral Books of Christmas

I haven’t published a new choral book in a decade. For one thing, I don’t know what I could possibly add to the mountain of cantatas, choral collections, and musicals that is already [...]


Room for Improvement 2

If you were to dig through my blog archives (and I know you all do that), you would find an old blog from years ago, titled “Room for Improvement.”  In that blog I wrote about re-visiting, and [...]


It’s Almost Here…

Forgive me, readers, for it has been eight months since my last confession…I mean Blog Post. Where has that time gone? And more importantly, what was I doing with that time? Well, among [...]


What I did in My Iso-cation

As  kids returning to school in the fall, most of us knew that at some point in the first week of class we’d have to write a “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay. If you [...]


Behind the Songs – Three Surprise Endings

“Outta Here,” “The Trio,” and “Riverside” from SOUNDS CRAZY.  Who doesn’t like a story with a surprise ending? (Answer: nobody) The Bible is full of stories that don’t end up where you think they [...]


My First Day of School

Last week I attended my first day of school. Let me clarify. “Professor” Sterling (sounds weird, right?) met with a small group of students on Saturday morning (yikes!) for the first of fourteen [...]