Principles of Choral Arranging



  • Basic harmony
  • Extended chords
  • Chord substitutions
  • Part writing
  • Chord voicing
  • Musical styles
  • SATB, SAB, SSA, TTBB, children’s choirs, soloists, & a cappella groups
  • Putting an arrangement together
  • Writing a piano accompaniment
  • Writing for the rhythm section
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Print music publication
  • Exercises related to each topic
  • 200+ music examples

A Practical Guide for the Novice
and the Professional Arranger

Written from his four decades experience as a professional arranger, Robert Sterling’s Principles of Choral Arranging walks the reader though the process of arranging for choral ensembles, from SATB choirs, to back-up vocal groups, to classical children’s choirs. From its refresher course in basic harmony to its chapter on print music publishing, the book offers valuable insights for every arranger wanting to write for choral voices.

  • Principles of Choral Arranging is well worth the read and should become a staple in music libraries. Sterling’s prose and content are accessible enough for the less experienced arranger and sophisticated enough for the veteran composer. With over 200 music examples, this book becomes a repository for students of arranging. The chapter on publication is worth the price of the book as it walks us step by step through the entire process.

    Dr. Richard Nichols Dean, Fine Arts and Communication, Butler Community College

Table of Contents

1 – Voice Ranges
(And Other Realities)

2 – Harmony 101
(Intervals, Triads, & Suspended Triads)

3 – Expanding Harmonic Horizons
(Inversions, Extensions, & Substitutions)

4 – Part Writing
(Bach & Beyond)

5 – Building Blocks
(Fundamentals Of Arranging)

6 – Mixed Voices
(SATB & SAB Ensembles)

7 – Men, Women, & Children
(Voice Specific Ensembles)

8 – Soloists & BGVs
(The Choir As Background Singers)

9 – A Cappella
(Writing For Unaccompanied Voices)

10 – Crafting The Accompaniment
(The Piano & Other Instruments)

11 – The Rhythm Section

12 – Putting It Together
(Writing An Arrangement)

13 – Preparing Your Manuscript

14 – The Path To Publication
(And Other Business Matters)

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