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The Story

It is Christmas, 1870, and Dr. Timothy Cratchit is about to set sail for a new life in Boston when he learns he has inherited a dilapidated clinic in Whitechapel from old Mr. Scrooge. Before he can leave for America, he must first do his duty as an Englishman and find a doctor to run the clinic. When none can be found, Tim has little choice but to take the job himself temporarily, of course. Or is it? Once he meets the pretty but headstrong young nurse who works there, along with the orphans in her care, Tim has to decide between the two very different futures that await him.


  • 15 Original Songs
  • Fully orchestrated score, complete with all instrumental parts (Reduced orchestration also available)
  • Professionally recorded stereo & split Performance Trax
  • Full demo recordings with solos, making it easier for your cast to learn the songs.


  • 4 adult leads, plus 2 children’s leads
  • Full supporting cast of Dickensian characters, adults and children
  • A complete 2­-Act show, with a running time of approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes, plus intermission.


Assembled by the director and producer of the premier performances in Detroit, the Production Manual offers a wealth of helpful hints, production insights and info that will be an enormous aid in mounting your production of God Bless Us Every One. Here is just some of what you will find in the Production Manual:

  • Detailed set designs and construction specs
  • Scene­-by­-scene staging suggestions
  • Period Costume & Hairstyle photos and helps
  • Production photos
  • Prologue “movie” file
  • Logo artwork for posters and banners
  • Character insights from the author
  • Sample production schedule
  • Prop lists
  • Sample microphone plot
  • Prop money, paperwork, flyers, etc (in PDF form)
  • “How we did it” tips from the premier performance company (Brightmoor Christian Church) in suburban Detroit.

Performing God Bless Us, Every One

Licensing God Bless Us, Every One is really easy. The price is determined by the number of seats in the venue, number of performances, and the ticket prices. You can perform using your own musicians or accompaniment tracks. To begin the process, or to find out more information, simply fill out the form below. I’d love to answer any questions you may have.