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Product Specs

All our products are offered as digital downloads. Free from the burdens of inventory, this enables us, a small boutique operation, to offer a more complete line of products.*

* Choral anthems are available both as a download and in physical form (Print-on-Demand). For more information, see below.

Choral Anthems

Choral anthems are available both as a download and in physical form (Print-On-Demand). We have taken into account the cost of printing and, as a result, the download price is lower than the POD price. POD orders are typically processed, printed, and shipped within a week of placing the order.

Our most recent choral anthems are typeset in the standard Octavo format. Earlier releases  were typeset in three formats. In the case of those anthems, your download may contain all three as separate PDFs. Those formats are:

  • Standard Choral Octavo format
  • Choral score – Letter-sized (8.5×11) format
  • Vocal Only Score – Letter-sized (8.5×11) format

Demo Recordings

Demo recordings download as high-quality 320 kbps MP3s, ready to drop in to your music player (iTunes, etc.).

Orchestrations & Orchestra Arrangements

Full orchestrations (for both anthem accompaniments and orchestra arrangements) download as a zip file containing separate PDFs of the Full score, the individual Parts, and any optional Alternate Parts.*

  • Full Score – formatted for legal-sized paper (8.5×14), an ideal compromise between the microscopic 8.5×11 score and the unwieldy 11×17 format.
  • Individual parts – formatted for letter-sized paper. Orchestra requirements vary from arrangement to arrangement. There may be as few as five or six PDFs for Praise Band scores, or as many as twenty-five PDFs for full orchestra.
  • Alternate parts – Orchestrations come with varying optional parts. These parts double other instruments in the arrangement, and do not appear on the score. In addition, any score written for Strings also includes a String Reduction. These reductions often have more notes than a single keyboardist can play. The concept is to offer a fuller picture of the string arrangement, allowing the keyboardist to cover whatever  parts are most needed in a given situation.

* Earlier versions of our orchestrations were delivered on three PDFs: a Full Score, a Parts PDF, and an alternate Parts PDF. We changed our delivery method to align our orchestrations with the common standard of other publishers.

Single Song Performance Packages and certain choral arrangements are not fully orchestrated. Orchestrations for these arrangements include a score and all the necessary parts, but may not include alternate instrumental parts other than a string reduction (assuming that strings are part of the orchestration.)

Performance Trax

Our Performance Trax download as Hi-Res MP3s (320 kbps).*

Choral Performance Trax downloads come in two formats: Stereo Instrumental Trax and Split Trax (vocals-left, instruments-right). You get both formats with your download.

Single Song Performance Trax are aimed at soloists and small ensembles and come to you as Stereo Instrumental recordings.

* Earlier versions of our Performance Trax may still be delivered as WAVE or AIFF files. We changed to the Hi-Res MP3s because they now sound virtually the same as the much larger uncompressed files, and they download considerably easier.

Audio Stems

We offer Audio Stems on a select number of our choral anthems, typically those whose accompaniments are built around a rhythm section. Audio Stems offer greater control of your performance mix, allowing you to supplement your live instrumental ensemble.

A typical set of audio stems may include:

  • Click track (always included)
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Guitars
  • Brass (or horn section)
  • Winds
  • Strings
  • Percussion

A Message from Robert

First and foremost – Thanks for buying my music. I appreciate it more than I can express. This venture can only work if people know about it – so please tell your friends. Share the site and my YouTube channel with anybody who might be interested in my work.

But please, don’t share your downloads. It’s easy to forget what these digital files represent – real music and whole lot of time and effort. I can only stay in business if your download stays with you and you alone. Every shared file is a missed opportunity for me to gain a customer, which in the end, is what keeps the music coming.