In the ever-changing world of music, we have to chosen to deliver all our products as digital downloads. Free from the burdens of inventory, this enables us, a small boutique operation, to offer a more complete line of products. *

* If digital downloads are problematic for you, contact us here at the site and let us know.  We will do what we can to deliver a physical product. It will generally take time, and there is an understandable premium involved in the cost of the products themselves and in shipping.

Choral Anthems

All our choral anthems are typeset in three formats, and you get all three with your download. You choose the format that best suits your needs.

  • Vocals with accompaniment – Letter-sized (8.5×11) format:  Slightly larger print than the standard octavo, and ready to print from any standard office printer.
  • Vocal Only Score – Letter-sized (8.5×11): The accompaniment has been removed, making this an economical way to print copies for your choir.
  • Vocals with accompaniment – Octavo format: If you need to store music in standard octavo boxes and/or choir folders, this format is the answer.  (Assuming your office printer is an 8.5×11 format, it will require cutting and trimming, but the music is sized and centered to the standard octavo layout.)

Demo Recordings

Demo recordings download as high-quality 320 kbps MP3s, ready to drop in to your music player (iTunes, etc.).

Orchestrations & Orchestra Arrangements

Full orchestrations come to you on three PDF files:

  • Full Score – formatted for legal-sized paper (8.5×14), an ideal compromise between the microscopic 8.5×11 score and the unwieldy 11×17 format.
  • All required parts – whatever the score might call for – formatted for letter-sized paper. The orchestra requirements vary somewhat. Listen to our demos (on our YouTube channel) to hear what instrumentation is involved.
  • Alternate parts – Full orchestrations also come with a fairly standard set of optional woodwind parts and a string reduction.

Single Song Performance Packages and certain arrangements in the Gospel Choral Series are not fully orchestrated. Orchestrations for these arrangements include a score and all the necessary parts, but do not include any alternate instrumental parts other than a string reduction (assuming that strings are part of the orchestration.)

Performance Trax

Our Performance Trax download as uncompressed audio – either AIFF or WAV files. They can be loaded into a music player and burned to a CD, or run in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Choral Performance Trax downloads come in two formats: Stereo Instrumental Trax and Split Trax (vocals-left, instruments-right). You get both formats with your download.

Single Song Performance Trax are aimed at soloists and small ensembles and come to you as Stereo Instrumental recordings.

Audio Stems

Audio Stems offer you more control of your mix.  The recorded orchestra is broken out into small groups (stems), giving you control of the balance. Use Audio Stems to supplement your instrumental ensemble or to create your own mixes.

Our audio stems are delivered as high-quality WAVE files. They are synced to a click track and can be loaded into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

A Message From Robert

First and foremost – Thanks for buying my music. I appreciate it more than I can express. This venture can only work if people know about it – so please tell your friends. Share the site and my YouTube channel with anybody who might be interested in my work.

But please, don’t share your downloads. It’s easy to forget what these digital files represent – real music and whole lot of time and effort. I can only stay in business if your download stays with you and you alone. Every shared file is a missed opportunity for me to gain a customer, which in the end, is what keeps the music coming.

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