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Random Neural Firings

47 (& a half) Musings from a Musical Curmudgeon 😐

Random Neural Firings is a curated collection of my blog posts from the past decade, on subjects ranging from bad Praise & Worship music, to writing dialogue for talking vegetables, to collaborating with long-dead composers, all neatly gathered together in a downloadable PDF file for only $4.

But why pay for what you can already read for free right here at the site? (I thought you’d never ask.)

  1. You don’t have to dig through the site archives to find all the blogs. (Trust me, it’s a pain.)
  2. Each blog has been edited to fix those annoying mistakes that slipped through because I was always writing in a hurry.
  3. I’ve added an “On Second Thought” section after many of the blogs, to follow up where the blog left off. (“It’s new and improved!”)
  4. At less than 10 cents a blog post, you really can’t afford NOT to buy this.

If you’re a writer or music director, if you like to laugh, or simply want to indulge your inner curmudgeon, this is for you. It’s easy, just click below!