Behind the Songs – Three Surprise Endings

“Outta Here,” “The Trio,” and “Riverside” from SOUNDS CRAZY.  Who doesn’t like a story with a surprise ending? (Answer: nobody) The Bible is full of stories that don’t end up where you think they [...]


Behind the Song: “Church”

“Church” (Words & Music by Robert Sterling) from the CD Sounds Crazy. Some songs burst out in a creative rush. Others leak out over a period of days. If you look only at the time I spent [...]


Behind the Song: “Perfect Peace”

“Perfect Peace” (Words & Music by Robert Sterling) There are lots of ways to write a song. The “right” way is whatever way works for the writer or writers. The words may come [...]


Sing to the Lord an Old Song?

(Adapted from my blog for WorshipSongsOnline) In a time when it seems every worship leader in America has personally taken the exhortation to “Sing to the Lord a new song” by writing another [...]

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