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Anyone who writes songs for any length of time is bound to learn some very valuable Life Lessons from the process. Things like – Patience, Humility, and How to Share (with your fellow co-writers.)

Yesterday, a song I wrote nearly a decade ago with Lowell Alexander (the Great) finally found a home. After all this time of sitting patiently in our catalogs, this little gem was selected  for a Christmas musical – to be arranged by David T. Clydesdale.

Lowell and I wrote the song for one of our own musicals (“One King”) – but the song was cut because it didn’t serve the musical as well as another song did. But we both always liked the song – and believed in it. I pitched it from time to time to this publisher or that – hoping to find a home for the tune. But after a while, pretty much everybody had heard it – and I began to think the song might never see the light of day.

Recently, I gave it one more pitch. And this time, the song connected.

And so I learned another valuable Life Lesson from songwriting. Success often comes down to a matter of timing. I had the right song at the right time with the right publisher. It took nearly ten years – but the timing was finally right.

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