In On the Job Training

I’m about to launch a blog post series called “On the Job Training.”  So keep an eye out here.

“OTJB” will be posts about some of the lessons I’ve learned from a life in music.  Each post will center around a single song, or choral anthem, or composition I created – and what the process taught me.  It will be about the things the writing process continues to teach me every day.

These won’t be so much about the music itself as they will be about a musical life.  They won’t be about the rules and craft of writing, but about the wisdom gained from the experiences of writing.  The posts will be less about working in music and more about working with some of the most talented musicians one could could ever hope to meet.

I hope you will celebrate with me some of the more fun experiences I’ve enjoyed.  And maybe these posts will help you avoid some of the dumber mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Either way – I hope you’ll join me for the ride.



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