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Forgive me, readers, for it has been eight months since my last confession…I mean Blog Post. Where has that time gone? And more importantly, what was I doing with that time?

Well, among other things, I was completing the writing of an instructional book on choral arranging,  And I’m happy to say that it is now at the printer and should be available soon. (I’ll make the official announcement as soon as it’s truly available, trust me.) The book is called, simply, Principles of Choral Arranging. It should prove useful to the novice, the semi-pro, and even the professional arranger.  It contains a lot of basic information, and a wealth of wisdom from the likes of Joe Martin, Mark Hayes, David Clydesdale, Phillip Keveren, and others. There are 200+ music examples in it, demonstrating everything from the effective range of an SATB choir, to how to write a rhythm chart (for you pop choral arrangers), to the “Drop-2″ writing method, to piano accompaniments.

There are chapters on the basics of music theory, writing for mixed voices, extended chords, chord substitutions, piano accompaniments, and even the print music publishing business.  It comes in a large (8.5 x 11”) format, and is coil-bound (so it will lay out on a piano for easy reference to the many examples).

To begin with, it will be available exclusively at my website.  But I intend to make it available at Amazon, as well.

So, I apologize for the lapse in blogging.  (I’ll probably write another blog post addressing the weirdness of the past year and how it affected us musicians.) But, I wasn’t napping. Really. I really was working the whole time.  And there will be more to come on the book, new music, and other positive things in the near future.


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  • James Ward

    I can’t wait to get my copy!

  • Bruce

    You’re STILL my hero!

  • Nancy L Middlemas

    You once said that the kids thought you were napping, and you said that you were thinking and composing in that big chair….. Glad you could come up with a great project;, we all need this. We might even survive to hear of a press printing notes on paper again. Or maybe that time has gone, if so, the ipads and their brother and sisters need to print bigger notation. I may be getting older.

  • Ed Rush

    Hey Robert. Nine years ago, on your recommendation, I purchased my first iMac computer. It has been great, until now. The computer that would not crash as often as a Windows, has crashed on me. With the help of our Minister of Youth, I am slowly getting my new MacBook Air up and running. I have lot’s to learn with this computer, and plenty of practice to get proficient as I was with the iMac. I still like the Mac products, and I thank you for the recommendation. Looking forward to the Symposium.

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