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Like a lot of songwriters, I sometimes find myself working through personal issues, my fears, and shortcomings in the words I write. (I think of songwriting as cheap therapy.) I also use songwriting to clarify my thinking, or to remind myself of a Truth I’ve been taking for granted. In these regards, I can identify with the first Biblical songwriter, David, as he worked through his own issues in the Psalms.

Because I am a “glass half empty” sort of guy, it’s easy for me to focus on the negative. And let’s face it, there is a whole lot of negativity being hurled at us all every day from every direction.  So not too long ago, I tried to remind myself in a song that there is a whole lot of good out there in the world, and that God is the source of all that is good. To paraphrase several of David’s psalms, “God is good and his love endures forever.” (Ps. 100, Ps. 106, Ps. 118, Ps. 136) What a fantastic Truth to consider in times of trouble.

Musically, “God Is Good” is a salute to the cool grooves of Earth, Wind & Fire in the late 1970s. (By the way, why aren’t there more of these kinds of songs for the church???) Lyrically, though, it’s my reminder to myself that every single blessing I have ever experienced in this life is a result of God’s goodness and His enduring love.

Verse one beginsEvery good and every perfect gift/Every blessing we have known/All the sweetness in the song of life/All the mercy we’ve been shown…

The channel continues — We can never do enough to repay the Father’s love.

Then the chorus paraphrases the Psalms — God is good/He’s so good to us/Over and over/Time and again./God is good/He’s so good to us/Always and ever/Love without end…

God is, indeed, good. And when I stop to ponder that, it encourages me, brightens my outlook, and humbles me – all at the same time. May this little song of mine do the same for you today.

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  • Walt Brown

    This is a good word for everyday.
    I will use this in my choir rehearsal.
    Thank you for being transparent about yourself and willing to share some needed thoughts.

    Because of Grace,

    Walt Brown

    • Robert Sterling

      So glad to be a part of your ministry. Please give my best to your choir.

  • Sherry MacLean

    Thank you for this wonderful song. Yes, a good reminder.

  • Dave Foley

    Glass half empty guy? Not you ? As usual, your music is beautiful.

  • Donna Teague

    Robert, I did not know about this site, and your blogs. Thanks for putting it on FB where I could be directed to it! Donna Williams Teague

  • Donna Teague

    Robert, Thanks for your reminder on Facebook.

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