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For the Readers of “Craft”…

Chapter 9 in The Craft of Christian Songwriting, “Critical Thinking,” is dedicated…

…What??? You didn’t know I wrote a book on songwriting for the beginner Christian songwriter??? Why, you can read all about it right here!

As I was saying – Chapter 9 in The Craft of Christian Songwriting, “Critical Thinking,” is dedicated to the detailed analysis of twelve songs, each chosen as an example of certain principles of good (or faulty) lyric writing. Now, the best way to analyze a song is to study the words or music on the page while listening to the song.  However, the expense and sheer hassle of including a CD inside each book was prohibitive. (And who still listens to CDs anyway???) The solution when the book was first published was to post streaming audio of the songs here at the site. And we did.

However, those audio examples were never easy to fin on the old iteration of this website. But with this new  site, we have rectified the issue.  Now, at the bottom of the page for The Craft of Christian Songwriting, you will find individual links to YouTube videos for all of the songs. Besides being much easier to find here at the site, this new method of streaming has the added benefit of the visual element: I scanned the lyrics along with the teaching comments from the book into the video.

So – to my songwriting students – thanks for your patience.  I hope you’ll find this new delivery method of the lyric demonstrations to be helpful.

Now get back to writing.


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