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Winter Potpourri

December through my window...

It’s been a busy couple of months. More like four. Maybe five months.

I worked all October and much of November on the Hal Leonard Christnas project.

In November, while still completing the “Wings of Joy” (the HL project), I wrote a treatment, a full script (several drafts) and four songs for the Veggie Tales folks.

December, well, was December – with all its normal Christmas craziness. Plus, I was working on a traditional choral Christmas project for the folks at Jubilate.

Christmas day – my older son and his family arrived and stayed with us for – five weeks.  That’s right – five weeks. Matthew was in town working for a month on a film – “Blue Like Jazz” – and he brought the wife and kids. I must say, their stay was a success. It was wonderful to simply “be” with them – without all the artificial pressure of a brief holiday visit.

January, was dedicated to being “Pops” to a three-year old and a three-month old. Pretty great. They flew home to NYC only a few days ago, and Cindy and I miss them already. Oh, and I did some writing, too. The Jubilate project was mostly birthed in January. And I wrote another script treatment for Veggie Tales. (I am becoming quite fluent in vegetable dialogue.)

February is just getting started, but it’s filled up. I’m doing another orchestration for my buddies Lowell and Phil at StarSaylor. I begin recording the Jubilate Christmas project tomorrow. That will stretch throughout the month. I travel to indianapolis next week to record vocals. Then I travel to Texas for a week at the end of the month for a composer event at Howard Payne University, and a board meeting at Baylor. I am praying that all the winter nastiness that is plaguing the country today is long gone when I get on the road.

With the economy still struggling, and the music business crumbling, it’s a good thing to be this busy and in demand. I am grateful for the work. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for a whole slew of things I won’t go into here.

And I wonder, what’s in store for March and April?

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