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“The Promise” – rewritten

I’ve just returned from a second visit to Branson, MO – meeting with the owners of a large theater in that city, along with some very creative folks like Jan Dargatz, Mike Meece, and Deborah craig-Claar.  We are diving into plans to re-write and re-launch the venerable passsion play “The Promise” – which has run in one form or another for the past 16 years or so – in large venues and small alla round the world.  It will fall to me, and to my co-writer Deborah Craig-Claar, to write new music for many of the show’s big moments.  This “promises” to be (sorry about that pun)  an exciting and daunting challenge. Please keep the entire creative team in your prayers as we make the effort to put the story of Jesus on stage in a dramatic and truthful fashion.

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