In Life - Debriefed, Thank yous

This past weekend, I had a fun and all-too-brief visit to 1st Baptist Church, Carrollton, GA.  The choir and orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Glenn Eernisse, performed four of my works in their Sunday morning service.  They did a fine job, and they were clearly well-rehearsed (which makes the job of the Guest Conductor soooo much easier).

Dr. Glenn Eernisse and “Dr.” Robert Sterling

The weekend was not without its excitement. Glenn’s 2010 Corvette broke down at the Atlanta airport, and he spent more time than he would have liked convincing Airport Security that the car was truly broken down, and merely waiting for a proper tow truck. And I was credited in the bulletin as “Dr. Robert Sterling,” which would have made my dear-departed mother proud. But it will come as a huge surprise to folks who know I only barely earned a Bachelor’s degree. (Perhaps this is the first of many “honorary” degrees I will receive.)

So, my thanks to Glenn, his pastor, Steve Davis, the choir and orchestra, and the Stone Foundation for bringing me in for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Here are the pieces we did in the service: “Jesus Paid It All,” “Untitled Hymn,” ” Call to Praise,” and “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.” And in case anybody’s wondering – Yes. I can come to your church for a Composer Weekend, too!


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  • Becky Hogan

    Wish I had known about this…..would have joined you two for worship yesterday. It sounds like it was an uplifting service, Dr. & Dr. Yes, Robert, you are DR. STERLING!!! (Glenn is my table buddy at the Composer Symposium…..I’m still hoping osmosis will kick in!!!)

    • Robert Sterling

      So, there’s another vote for my honorary doctorate. Now if i can just find a reputable university to agree… 🙂

  • Nancy L Middlemas

    Hey, based on success and experience, you are the best of docs! Just keep the patients coming along with the patience with we patients.

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