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Sundries, part 2

1) I’ve got a brief respite today, as I enter the final push to complete the Hal Leonard Christmas project, and prior to starting a different Christmas project for Jubilate Music. Other “life things” tend to pile up when I’m busy, but I’ve almost found the top of my desk this morning. It wasn’t pretty. Trust me.

2) The Hal Leonard project promises to be truly unique in todays’ evangelical choral music world, largely due to Lowell Alexander’s creative songwriting. More about this project in the future. Suffice it to say – our product will not be confused with any one else’s. And that’s a good thing.

3) In what little “free time” I’ve had during the Hal Leonard project, I’ve been writing a script for a children’s DVD product. Since it is still very much in the works, I can’t say much more than that. Though it has been a fascinating and fresh creative process – to be sure.

4) Good news – Deborah Craig-Claar is home, recuperating. After being in a near coma for nearly two weeks, she woke, showed immediate progress, and her doctors sent her home to begin the 100 days of cellular rebuilding that follows a bone marrow transplant. She sounded very good on the phone the other day. But she still very much needs our prayers.

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