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Spam Worms

Seems like every time I log in to do a blog post (which is shamefully infrequent and undisciplined on my part), there are about a dozen spam comments awaiting moderation. These comments are all phony computer-generated responses to my blog, created  to appear as if a real person wrote them – so the webmaster (that’s me) will post them, along with their embedded links to websites selling every sort of useless crap known to man.

The people responsible for this spam are, imho, worms. In fact, they give worms a bad name. At least worms serve a useful purpose in creation. These people serve no purpose at all, other than to sell the fore-mentioned useless crap by free-ranging on other people’s web sites.

Maybe they should be called Spam leeches? Spam parasites? Bloodsucking freeloading spam moochers?

I’m not sure I can come up with a term that is low enough for them.

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