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Saving Lives – One “Little Dress” at a Time

A little over a year ago, my lovely wife decided to take up sewing once again. Having always been the creative sort (singer, songwriter, storyteller), she wanted to make something for her grandkids. (For the record, they are my grandkids, too.) And she did that.  But she had more creative energy than could be expended on four kids.  (One can sew only so many superhero capes and unicorn pillows.) After a time spent searching for a charitable outlet for her efforts, Cindy chose to sew “little dresses” for girls living in abject poverty  in 3rd-world countries.

Dresses bound for Haiti
Dresses bound for Haiti

You see, in some poverty-stricken nations, a simple, clean dress can save a young girl from abduction into the horrors of the sex-slave trade.  This is because the dress sends a signal to these vile predators that the child is cared for.  And a child that is cared for just might be missed if she is abducted.  So, the human scum that trade in children’s lives tend to leave decently-dressed children alone.

Such is the power of a “little dress.”

Cindy is just one of a growing network of women all over the country contributing their sewing efforts to this cause.  She has now sewn over 300 dresses.  And her excitement has recruited others.  And since I tend to get choked up every time I talk about this, you should let Cindy tell you. She writes a blog about this ministry, and you should check it out here:

But I give you fair warning: If you sew, reading this blog could lead to frequent visits to your local fabric store.

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