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Objects Are Larger Than They May Appear…

You know that little warning that’s under your passenger-side mirror on your car: “Objects are larger than they appear in mirror”? That’s how I felt last weekend when I visited the construction site at First Baptist Church, Dallas.

Objects were definitely larger than they appeared in the pre-construction film I scored for the church last year.

Way larger. 

The facility is magnificent in every way. John Grable, Minister of Communications, showed me around, and it is an amazing thing to behold. And beautiful, as well. FBC has made a commitment to be a dynamic and relevant part of downtown Dallas. And the facility they are building is a testament to the faith and generosity of their people.

The attached snapshot is John, standing in the entrance to the worship center. The photo does not do the place justice.

Trust me.

And for the record, I didn’t look nearly as dashing as John in my orange vest and hard hat.

Thanks to John for the guided tour. I’m looking forward to scoring another film project for the church this fall.

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