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In the wee hours of the morning on December 16, my wife woke me. She was having severe chest pains. Fifteen minutes later, a very nice EMT named Ian was informing us that Cindy was indeed having a heart attack and he needed to know which hospital we wanted her to go to.
Hardly two hours later, Cindy was emerging from the hospital’s cath lab with a stent in her heart and a whole new way of seeing things.
In the following days, we had three more fun trips to the ER for allergic reactions to new meds and a chest pain scare. We were in the ER on Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas, and on our 38th wedding anniversary two days later.
For the record, I don’t recommend this as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s not nearly as much fun as it┬ásounds.
Still, this was a wonderful Christmas for me. My best friend in the world might have died but for the calm competence of the Brentwood EMTs and the fine work of Williamson medical Center’s ER & cardiology teams. Instead, she is still with me and improving every day.

Praise God.

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  • Ed Rush

    Sorry that you and Cindy had to go through this, especially during Christmas. Glad that she is doing better.

    • rsterling

      Thx, Ed.

  • Vicki Bedford

    Robert, I’m so sorry to hear that (all that first part) and so thankful to hear this (the part that says she’s still by your side and doing better)! Wow. A huge, unexpected turn in your journey together! Thankful your Father’s in charge.

    Prayers for you and “A.C.R.” from NW Arkansas.

    • rsterling

      Thx, V.

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