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NCMC – Indy

The BIG NEWS in this post has nothing to do with the content of the post. The post itself IS the news. For the first time ever since starting this blog, I have written three posts in only two days! Aren’t you proud of me? (A rhetorical question that assumes there are people actually reading this blog.)

OK – so on to the actual post itself.

Last week (I am still catching up, you see), I was in Indianapolis for the annual National Church Music Conference. I taught a session on songwriting and led several choral reading sessions. I met some fine new folks and had a good time. I certainly hope my presence was of some benefit to the attendees.

Sadly, it’s my understanding that last week’s gathering may have been the last formal meeting of the NCMC. This long-standing conference is winding down. I applaud their efforts and faithfulness. And I hope the stalwart folks who have attended NCMC  year after year will find another conference to call home.

Might I be so bold as to recommend MusiCalifornia? (Great locale, great weather, similar time of the year…)

Best wishes to all whom I met in Indy. May God bless your work in churches all across the country.

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