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My Music and the End of the World

As the world was due to come to an end last week (I guess they got the date wrong. Surprise!), I got a call from a friend, informing me that folks at Family Radio Whatever prophesying the End of Everything were playing my arrangement of “Jesus Paid It All” in very heavy rotation on their website, as a clock ticked down ominously to Zero Hour.

I suppose that’s flattering. In a weird sort of way.

In the meantime, I had dinner with a friend battling a very serious, and almost always fatal, cancer. She is facing the stark reality of her own mortality with strength and grace. The juxtaposition of those two things, dinner with my friend and the prophesied doom of the world, reminded me that, while the prophets of Doom got it wrong this time, one day – it’s all gonna come to a crashing end for each of us.

So, I need to be more grateful for the time and the many (underserved) blessings God has given me.

And, I should spend whatever time I’ve got left writing better music and enjoying my grandkids.

And a final thought: If anybody at ASCAP happened to be monitoring the web traffic of that website – make sure I get credited for all those public performances of “Jesus Paid It All.” 🙂

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