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MusiCalifornia Follow-Up

This is a first: two blog posts in a day. I will definitely need a break after this. Look for my next post in – say – a month.

Returned from MusiCalifornia with a marvelous head cold. Oh – the joys of flying on large planes with sealed ventilation systems. My germs are your germs. Your germs are my germs.

The head cold notwithstanding, the trip to California was great. The best part was – I got to spend time with my LA grandkids. They, along with their cousins in NYC, are officially the most awesome grandkids ever.

While at MusiCalifornia, I also managed to catch up with a bunch of music buddies. The hilarious thing is – I have to fly across the country to catch up with people that live in Nashville. Go figure.

Thursday night, the adult choir of the Fellowship in the Pass Church (Beaumont, CA), under the very able direction of Bob Griffin, did a marvelous presentation of my latest Christmas cantata – “Wings of Joy” (Hal Leonard Music). Thank you choir, and thank Bob. They received a well-deserved warm reception from the audience.

Premier performances at music conferences are a risky thing. It is a little discussed, but much accepted, Truth that a good premier will not help you as much as a bad premier will hurt you. Lucky for me, Bob and his troops, along with their pastor and the pastor’s wife (narrators) knocked it out of the park. Great energy. Solid singing. Real warmth. And – they only had five short weeks to prepare.

But wait – there’s more: They drove 2+ hours into LA on a Thursday, set-up, sang, packed up, and drove the 2+ hours back home to Beaumont. Friends, that is dedication. That is hard work. And that probably explains why, in a time of failing choir programs, the Fellowship in the Pass Church has a healthy, dynamic music ministry.

So – thanks to Bob Griffin, his wonderful adult choir, his pastor, and his entire church. These things don’t happen without the whole church’s support. I am grateful for your help.

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