In Life - Debriefed, Thank yous

Last week, I had the privilege (and great fun) of returning to teach at the Martin Institute/Pine Lake Music Composer Symposium (the “Composium” as it is affectionatley known to its students).  This was my third summer to teach, and it keeps getting better every year.


Joe Martin and Scott Revo (of Pine Lake Music) have put together an event where some 75 up-and-coming church music composers come together to meet with and learn from industry professionals.  The registrants each get to present their latest compositions to their fellow attendees and to a panel of music publishers and arrangers.


This year’s panelists included Mark Hayes, Craig Courtney (Beckenhorst Press), Stan Pethel, Joe Martin (Shawnee Press) and myself.  I had a great time, made some new friends and learned a lot myself.


Thanks, Joe & Scott, for having me back.  And special thanks to Dawn Johnson, who kept everything running smoothly all week.

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