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This is a bittersweet post.luke garrett

I am glad to announce that Luke Garrett’s final four completed recordings are now available  – exclusively here at this website. These songs capture Luke at his expressive best, and I am certain every one of his fans will be moved by his masterful performances.

At the same time I am sad beyond words that these will be the last new recordings we ever will hear from one of the most marvelous singers ever. Every time I listen to them, Luke’s voice washes over me, and it is as if he is with us still. But he isn’t – and that makes saddens me all over again.

You can go to the webpage and read about the collection of songs.  There you can also listen to a short “sampler” demo.  Along with the four new recordings from Luke, we included a fifth song, which I wrote as a memorial to my friend. The EP download also comes with liner notes and some photos from the recording sessions.

Because Luke influenced a lot of church musicians, we are also making the sheet music and his Artist Performance Trax available. The Trax, the sheet music folio, and the five-song EP are all individual download products. They will come to your computer from a 3rd party company (Gumroad), insuring your purchases are secure and your downloads are hassle-free.

So it’s with genuinely mixed emotions that I offer to you Leaving Us to Say Goodbye – The Final Sessions.

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  • Sharon Burgess

    “Every time I listen to them, Luke’s voice washes over me, and it is as if he is with us still. But he isn’t – and that makes saddens me all over again.” Amen. Thank you for preserving and preparing these four. Impeccable musician. Humble servant

    • rsterling

      You’re welcome, Sharon. And thanks for your kind comment.

  • David Bailes

    I’ve been anticipating this recording. Already purchased, downloaded and listened. It’s a wonderful blessing to have these songs to remember Luke by.
    Thanks, Robert

    • rsterling

      You’re welcome, David. I am the fortunate one – having the chance to work with Luke on these recordings. Please tell your like-minded music friends about them. I want as many people as possible to hear what Luke had to offer in the end.

  • Steve Campbell

    I had the great fortune to work with Luke in 1986. I was live sound engineer at FBC Belle Chasse, LA. He had just recorded the album “Luke Garrett”. I fell in love with his voice and with his music. I own a large number of his trax and sing them as often as i can. His life was too short, but the message will live forever.

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