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Lone Star Road Trip

I’m about to take a quick trip to my home state of Texas.

I begin with a brief visit with my family in Dallas. Then, I’m doing a teaching/concert “thing” (now there’s an erudite description of what I do.) at Howard Payne University in Brownwood (the “heart of Texas”). After that, I run over to Baylor University to attend a board meeting of the Center for Christian Music studies. (I’ve missed enough of these meetings that the faculty is no doubt in shock that I’m attending.) Finally, back home.

So, assuming ANYBODY reads this blog (a giant assumption), and, they happen to live in the Brownwood area, feel free to come over to HPU on Tuesday night for what promises to be a musical high-wire act. (Made especially dangerous for all if I do as planned, and actually play and sing in the concert.)

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