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It’s New and Improved! first appeared on the internet 13 years ago as a way for me to stay in touch with those who sang my music – both for choirs and recording artists. My first Web Master  advised I start a blog, with the strange notion than anybody would care what I thought about anything.  And that was pretty much the entire raison d’être for the site.

And now we are launching the fourth iteration of It’s New & Improved! 

The site has a fresh look thanks to Strange Last Name, who took this Fixer Upper down to the studs and rebuilt it, making everything all shiny. We kept a lot of the old features: the blog, the books, the musical theater, and orchestra music. We ditched a couple of others, or incorporated them into other parts of the site.

But the Big Change, as I wrote about in my most recent blog, is a new store where you can now purchase downloadable choral music, along with its ancillary products.

We launch this endeavor with a mere four choral anthems – hardly a complete music catalogue. But there are more underway and soon to come. My goal is to release a new anthem, or two, every month or so.

I hope you will come to think of as a music boutique. The music here will reflect my own musical tastes, which vary from old school R&B to symphonic Impressionism, and a whole lot of what is in between. So, if you don’t at first hear something you like, please come back in a week or two.  There may well be something new for you by then.

Our focus will be on quality rather than quantity. Even if you don’t like a particular piece, I trust you will see the song itself, the arrangement, the piano accompaniment, and the orchestration are all be well-crafted.

It is difficult to adequately describe what a huge leap of faith this change reflects for a composer whose music, for 40+ years, has always been sold and distributed via traditional print music marketing methods. But – for all sorts of reasons – it was time. And so – here we are.

I hope you will take a few minutes and explore the site. Check out the new anthems, and revisit the orchestral music. (There are corresponding YouTube demo videos linked for every piece.) The blog archives go all the way back to the beginning. And the musicals and books are still here. If you are interested in knowing when a new blog or new music is released, please sign up for the newsletter. (I promise, not to flood your inbox with email.)

And here’s my closing beg: Please, please, puh-leeze tell your Music Minister friends and your Songwriter friends about the site. The only place they are likely to hear about all the cool stuff we are offering here is from you. I cannot possibly thank you enough for being my marketing team.

In the coming days, I’ll have more to say about the music, and the download process, and all the other changes here.  But for now – Welcome to the new & improved!

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