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I’ll be participating in a choral music seminar at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO later this week. While there, I’ll lead a couple reading sessions, teach two classes on songwriting, and be the special guest at a concert featuring my music. I’m looking forward to it ¬†great deal. And I am VERY happy to see the weather forecast in Bolivar has no serious snow! We’ve been iced/snowed in here in Nashville the past two days – and I’ve had enough winter for this year already.

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  • Kyle Bridgman

    Thanks for much for the music and thoughts you shared at the conference. I especially liked the songs you shared at the Friday night concert. I love songwriting, especially the puzzles of figuring out just the right phrase to express what I want to say. The song about “I need to go to church” had a lot of great lines in it. Are there parts of it you would write differently if you were going to make it a song more for the general public? Anyway, thanks for a great weekend. It was very valuable having you here. God Bless you.

    • rsterling

      Kyle –
      Appreciate the kind words. I enjoyed the time in Missouri (despite the cold!) The Friday nite concert was a stretch for me. I am simply not yet comfortable as a performer. Will likely never be.

      As for “Church” – It is one of those songs one writes because one needs to write it. There was never a concern on my part about making it more commercial (aimed at the general public). I think that’s because it is such a personal song. Either people “get it” or they don’t. So, I tend to use the song in special places, with audiences that I think will understand. If I ever make a CD of my own songs (ha!), I might include it.

      Obviously, when I write with a church choir in mind, I try to keep things more general. One of the problems I have with so many contemporary Christian songs is the constant focus on “I” and “me.” That inward point-of-view often makes the song awkward, or even inappropriate, for corporate worship situations.

      Thx for you comments.

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