In Life - Debriefed

I’ve just returned from a four-day trip to Toccoa, Georgia (Yes – THAT Toccoa, for all you “Band of Brothers” fans out there), where I have been working to record the Sons of Jubal. The Sons of Jubal is a group of 200+ Baptist church music men from all across Georgia, under the direction of Jon Duncan.

I worked alongside Jonathan Lawhon and Nick Duke, who ran the technical side of things (superbly). Everybody involved put in an amazing effort. And I think the resulting recording (once we’ve put on the finishing touches) will be wonderful.

The highlight of the sessions was, no doubt, the recording of Jane Marshall’s brilliant piece, “My Eternal King.” I’m confident every person involved will remember the moment for years to come – absorbing the sound of all those magnificent voices wrapping around you from every direction in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, Toccoa.

Sons of Jubal record “My Eternal King” (FBC Toccoa, GA)

My thanks to Jon and his crew (Dana, Steve & Keith) for making me a part of this recording. And thanks to every man who sang or played on the recording. Projects like these are a true labor of love. Everybody there gave up three precious days away from home and work to be a part of something that will have a positive impact for the Kingdom of God.

The work was exhausting, but worth it.

Blessings to the Sons of Jubal!

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  • Ed Rush

    Great new look Robert. Now, write a new blog and teach us wannabe song writers something. Oh, just two weeks from tomorrow I will serve my last day as Minister of Music and Sr. Adults.

    • rsterling

      Glad you like the look. It was time for a change. (After years with the old look, nobody’s gonna accuse me of being trendy.) You’re right about the need to blog something new. I promise, that’s coming. I’ve been up to eyeballs with a couple of projects. But there is some breathing room just ahead.

  • Rick McD

    Wow…what great memories. I was so pleased to hear the quality of the recording as the SOJ album was released this month. This was a fabulous experience to be a part of this process, in the choral and brass group. And you are right…I will carry that rendition of My Eternal King with me for many years. Thank you for your fabulous recording work!

    • rsterling

      Rick – Thx for the kind words. I’m glad I was a part of the project. But you guys did all the real work. You are the ones to be commended.

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