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Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of writing music for First Baptist Church Dallas – first the broadcast themes for their radio and TV programs, then the score for two fundraising films, the scores for two short in-service films, and, most recently, the music for their new fountain.

My last post was all about producing an orchestra recording using samples. That particular project was for the FBC’s fountain, which stands outside the new worship center in the heart of downtown Dallas.

All the while I was writing and producing the music, the actual fountain wasn’t yet finished or functional. This past week, all that changed. The congregation of First dallas moved into the new facility on Easter Sunday. Their dedication service was just yesterday. the fountain is up and running – and it is pretty beautiful.

See for yourself.


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  • Ed Rush

    Robert, the fountain is beautiful. How can we hear your music project for the fountain?

    • rsterling

      Well – you can always go visit FBC Dallas and hear the music and watch the fountain dance! 🙂 Seriously, I hope to make the music available for church orchestras later this year.

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