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FUY Cover ArtIf you are a reader of this blog, you know from previous posts that, for the past 5 years, I’ve been rewriting a little musical of mine called “For Unto Y’all.” Originally released 20 years ago, “For Unto Y’all” is a re-telling of the Christmas story, set in the Wild West, written for youth choirs. It was a modest success at the time. And yet, unlike a lot of youth musicals, this one didn’t fade away after 2 or 3 years.  It kept plugging along. Church drama ministries would pull it off the shelf every few years and perform it as dinner theater.  Some community theaters even discovered it. Every year in late summer, I would be contacted by churches looking for the musical or needing a particular resource for it.

I re-wrote the show in order to make it a more complete musical theater experience. The little show grew from a 50-minute work to a 90-minute work. Lead characters were given more to sing. New characters were added. The script was rewritten and improved. The only thing missing was a performance track.

Well, thanks to the amazing generosity of Howard and Sharon Raymond of South Australia, the performance track is finally done. recorded and mixed. Their group, the Soul Factor Gospel Choir, will be performing the new “For Unto Y’all” in Adelaide, Australia this Christmas.

It has been a long journey for this little musical. My hope is that it can be made widely available for others to perform. Those details are still being worked out. But if nothing else, the little musical I wrote in 1993, has at last become the show I wanted it to be from the start.

Thanks, Howard and Sharon. God bless you both and your ministry Down Under.

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  • Ed Rush

    Robert, are the books and demos available yet? I would love to have one.
    Ed Rush

    • rsterling

      Ed – The new version of “FUY” will probably be a download product. Not certain yet. Will keep you posted.

  • Tim

    Hi Robert

    We’re looking at doing the old FUY, but if the new one is at all available…… COUNT US IN please 🙂

    • rsterling

      Thanks for your enthusiasm! I will try to let you know once I’ve got the details worked out on the new version.

  • Monte Garrett

    “Ain’t nothin’ the Lord can’t do, impossible is easy, as sure as the skies are blue!”

    • rsterling


  • Cdavis

    Are there any books or sound tracks available now old or new?

    • rsterling

      There are tracks (split and stereo instrumentals) and there are charts (vocal & rhythm parts). Everything will be done as a download. The tracks as mp3s, I think. And the music pages and script will be in PDF form. The script is a complete running script, which includes all dialogue, stage direction and lyrics. It is set in a classic Broadway musical format (done in Final Draft).

    • CDavis

      Where can we purchase the scripts and downloads? I’m so excited.

  • Kelly Huse

    Woo hoo!!! I directed FUY in 1994 and 1997. I was excited a few years ago to hear you were rewriting. Then it got stalled. soo sad. LOL This year I am directing again and planned to do a different play, but then reverted back to FUY…#1. BUT…. when will part II be available??? I just got really excited!! I can’t wait to see the revisions. BUT, I am starting my listen thru, and auditions within the next 2 weeks, so I need to get a jump of things. Excited to hear from you!!!

    and btw…CONGRATS! Loved the 1st one…. I’m sure I will love #2 as well!!!


    • rsterling

      Thanks for your patience. I’ll be in touch with some details.

  • MMaxwell

    Hi there, I too am excited about the work you are producing as I was just about to try to order the very musical via However, I am more looking forward to your updated version and would prefer to spend my bucks for that one as I am hoping to start auditions and rehearsal the beginning – middle of September for presentation in December this year. I hope that I will be able to purchase and download your material by the end of this month as it does sound as if you are making great progress with God’s help. Be in touch.

  • marnie smith

    I direct a “Family Theater” at church. Heard about this
    musical, and am definitely interested in the new reworking
    of it. My daughter was “Gracie” at her church a few years ago.
    Please let me know when this is available; I would consider
    doing it in summer 2014!!!!


    • rsterling

      Will do, Marnie!

  • Robert Wiseman

    Hi Robert
    We went and saw the Soul Factor performance in Adelaide last night.It was a great production with outstanding performances by all. In particular Gabriel (Andrew Crisp), Mary (Olivia Raymond) and Governor Tyree (Nathan Rowe). Make sure you see a recording when available.

    • rsterling

      Thanks for the update! Wish I could be there. I look forward to seeing the video.

  • sarah

    Our little town has performed the original show twice in the last few years. Everyone loves it, and I look forward to seeing what else you have added. We have loved it since the day you wrote it 🙂 Please keep us updated!

    • rsterling

      Sarah – Thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad to know that FUY has been a success in your town. I’ll be posting here on my progress to get the new version available.

  • Larry Newberry

    Let us know, Robert, when available as we are wanting to do this at Christmas this year.
    Will it be available on the Word website or your website?

    • rsterling

      Larry – I sure hope I can make it available for this Christmas. I am currently working on that very thing. I will keep you posted. Thx for your interest. R

  • Wayne

    Hi, i love FUY so much. Have done it three times through the years. Is the extended version or scenes/songs available??? Please let me know how to get them.

    • rsterling

      Wayne – The new version of “For Unto y’all” IS available. I’ll send you some info separately. In the meantime, there is more info about the show on my site under the “musical theater” tab on the home page.

  • Rhonda

    Robert, would you please send me info on how to obtain the new version of FUY, too? I purchased this the year it came out and would love to use it again this Christmas.

    • rsterling

      Hi, Rhonda. I’ve sent you some info directly to your email. Be on the lookout for it. Thx!

  • Adam Jacky

    Has this new FUY come out to download? Is there anyone that would have the old FUY available?

    • rsterling

      Adam – Yes – the new FUY is available here at the site as a licensed download production. Just go to the “Musical theater” tab near the top of my home page and pull down to get to “For Unto Y’all.” You’ll find the details there. RS

  • Stacy Brock

    I would love to get the new version of FUY so that our youth choir can perform it this year. How do I go about ordering? Love this musical!!!

    • rsterling

      hi Stacy – Thanks for the inquiry. I’ve just sent you an email response. Look for it in your in-box. RS

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