In Life - Debriefed, Thank yous

Well, another Composer Symposium is in the books. Last week was my fourth (or fifth?) time to teach at Pine Lake Music in Atlanta at Joe Martin’s annual get-together. I spent the week with about forty fellow writers of all levels of experience, from beginner to quite accomplished. I saw lots of familiar faces. (The names always return to the memory banks more slowly than the faces. Just ask Kimberly hill, aka Debbie/Cindy.) The registrants come from all over, including this year – South Korea!

Like my past experiences at the workshop, I worked harder than I do any other time of the year, it seemed. But – I had a great time.

Thanks to my hosts, Joe Martin and the wonderful folks at Pine Lake, Scott, Dawn and company.

It was also good to connect with some fellow professionals, whom I rarely see. Lloyd Larson, Patti Drennan and Molly Ijames were my fellow teachers, alongside the indefatigable Joe Martin. (It is a little known fact that with the passing of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, Joe Martin rightfully assumed the title of “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.”) Ed Hogan was also at the conference, but we never crossed paths, since we were always teaching at the same times. Sorry, Ed.

So, to everyone who was there last week – I enjoyed it immensely and hope to see you again next year.

(And if you’re wondering when I’m gonna get around to looking at the submissions for the “assignment” class – I’d say – be hopeful for it to be right away. But – don’t hold your breath!)

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  • David Gaines


    Thanks for the note from the CS this year! As always your sessions were entertaining, enlightening and educational. I can’t think of another “E” word right now. Oh yeah, excellent!!

    Oh yeah, I didn’t see where I could subscribe to your blog. Is that possible? My site is a WordPress blog as well. I’m working on a full fledged website right now.

    You have inspired me greatly!

    David Gaines

    • rsterling

      David – Thanks for the kind words – all of ’em. Now that your done with “E” – we can move onto the rest of the alphabet!

      I am a total “tech-know-nothing.” (And yes, i just made that up. Folks you are seeing that syllogism for the very first time ever.) So – as for subscribing to my blog – I’m not sure. There used to be an RSS Feed option. Don’t know if it’s there still.

      Sounds like a question for my site admin, CJ. I’ll see if I can find an answer.

  • Becky Hogan

    This year’s CS was yet another mountaintop experience for me, and much of the credit goes to you for your willingness to share your knowledge/experience with the participants. I’m still digesting all the
    notes I took, as well as listening to all the new fall/Christmas releases from Hope, Lorenz, and Hal Leonard, & realize once again how talented
    you are. Your music & life are truly a blessing to many! Thank you for the inspiration to write and rewrite and rewrite until the lyrics are JUST RIGHT.
    Becky Hogan

    • rsterling

      Becky – Your’e welcome – and thanks for the nice comments. The CS is a lot of work for me – but I always enjoy the week. I’m glad to hear I was a help to you. It’s a good sign (to me, at least) that you are still working thru the ideas and concepts we talked about at the symposium. That tells me you went home with more information than just one week’s worth. Keep writing!

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