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Catching Up

Monday mornings really shouldn’t be about “catching up.” Monday mornings should be about “getting started” – or “getting ahead.” But for me, at least, a lot of Monday mornings are about “catching up” – and today is one of those Mondays.

I’ve been on the road for two weeks – first in LA for MusiCalifornia, then in Indianapolis for the (final?) NCMC conference. Then I played a little golf with some church buddies this past weekend over in Crossville, TN (tiny town with lots of golf courses) before coming home. I’ll try to write something about those experiences in a separate post. But suffice it to say, this has definitely been a “catching up” kind of morning.

If i would bother to master the art of blogging more regularly, or blogging from the road, I might not fall so woefully behind here at the website. I’ve responded to a couple of recent comments (and sorry for being so slow to do so). I even met one of the commenters in person – BEFORE i ever got around to reading his comment. I am certainly the World’s Worst Blogger.

So now – I return to my “catching up.” I promise to post some more – about MusiCal, etc. But I also have to do all those other boring things that have to be done after being gone for two weeks: run errands, pay bills, balance checkbooks, blah, blah blah…

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