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Busy Time

I am in the middle of arranging and orchestrating a choral project for Word Music – for Christmas 2007. It’s called “Peace On Earth” – and Deborah Craig-Claar is my collaborator. I’ve done this sort of project lots of times.  (My first was back in 1986 or 1987 – I can’t remember.)  And somehow I conveniently forget after every project how much work it is to do one of these things. 🙂  The worst part is the lack of sleep – and it’s not because I’m staying up late writing.  I can’t sleep because the music in my head won’t shut off at night.  Whatever song I’ve been working on all day sticks in my head and keeps me up – even when I go to bed. (I just re-read that last sentence, and it makes me sound certifiable.) The best part of these projects is always the recording sessions.  The sessions are coming up in February – and oughta be fun. In the meantime – I’ll finish writing this project.  I’ll be in the studio next week to record some anthem arrangements for Word.  (I wrote those charts over the Christmas/New Year Holiday.)  Then I head to Oklahoma City to help out my good friend Bill Green as he records another Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma CD.  It’s always good to see Bill.  And it’s fun to hear some 250 Baptist ministers of music all sing together. Yes – it’s busy times.  But that’s always better than boring times.

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