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Birthday “Thanks”

It so happened my birthday passed by last week, while I was at the Composer’s Symposium. I personally think that past the age of  21, birthdays should only be observed with any fanfare on the ‘tens” – 30, 40, 50, etc.  Then – once you turn 80, you should have a big birthday part every month. Suffice it to say – this birthday was not one of the “tens.”

But I digress. The news of my birthday got out to the registrants at the seminar. Singing ensued. Good singing. (The “Happy Birthday Song” actually sounds pretty good when sung by 50 or so good singers, if you care to know.) That should have been the end of it, for my sake and all concerned.

“Nothing to see here, people. let’s move along. The damage is done. Don’t make the Old Guy feel any older than necessary.”

But no – a very kind Birthday note, signed by everybody at the conference, appeared along with a song written for the occasion by one of the registrants. So I offer my thanks for the song, the note  and all the comments – even the clever remarks questioning my sanity as a teacher. (The guilty know who they are – and I’m not gonna encourage them by putting the specifics in this blog.) 🙂

But please, at next year’s Symposium (which will once again fall on my birthday), let’s just let the old BD pass unnoticed, shall we? I’ve got a few more years until I hit the next “ten.”

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