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Back from the Mostly Dead – with New Stuff.

I love the movie, The Princess Bride.  William Goldman’s brilliant screenplay is one of the most quotable scripts of the last twenty years.  And one such line happened when Miracle Max tells Inigo Montoya that his friend, the man in Black, was not all dead, but only “mostly dead.”  And there’s a difference.

Well, for the past two days, this website was “mostly dead.” I don’t fully understand why, and I don’t really care to.  What matters to me is that it’s back from the Mostly Dead. And I think the only thing we lost may have been a blog entry or two.  Luckily, I’m a haphazard blogger and I don’t think I had posted much since then.

(By the way, if there are readers out there who download my blogs, and happen to have the content from any blog posted in late May-June, please send it to me.  Maybe I can re-create the post.  And let this be a lesson to me to always save a copy of my blog content somewhere else on my computer.)

Not only is the site back from the Mostly Dead, we have new content on the choral music pages.  I’ve been working for the past weeks on the final editing and mixing of several new anthems, and you’ll find them under the Choral Music menu. There are three new offerings in the Sanctuary Series, one in the Gospel Series, and two in the Concert Series.

Here are some quick links:

“Your Boundless Love”

“Prayer for the Gathering”

“Great is Thy Faithfulness” (choose the TTBB option)


“Good King Wenceslas”

“This Is Our World”

You can listen to demos of all this new music, plus lots more of my music at my YouTube channel.

Now that the site is back from the Mostly Dead, and now that I have these new pieces up and running, I hope to be a little more present at this blog.  But those of you who have followed me for any length of time know how I tend to disappear from the blog when a project takes over.  So I guess we’ll just have to see how this plays out.


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