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At Last! For Unto Y’all 2.0 is Available

For the past year I have been working to obtain the rights to license my new version of “For Unto “Y’all.”  I’ve blogged about this project more than once in the past.  But here’s the quick recap:

FUY Cover ArtThe original version of the show appeared in 1992. In 2009, I began rewriting it – and that took a couple years. Then in 2013, by God’s good grace, Howard and Sharon Raymond and the Soul Factor Gospel Choir in Adelaide, Australia, appeared out of nowhere to back the production of the new version, allowing me to record the much-needed demos and performance tracks.

But even with everything ready to go, I still had to obtain the licensing rights from my former publisher.  Just about the time I thought it would happen, there was a major change in the company leadership and I had to start the process all over.

Well, I got the good news this afternoon.  The new & improved version of “For Unto Y’all” is now available for license as a theatrical musical.  I will write more in the days to come.  But for those of you who have expressed interest in the show – I wanted you all to know asap.



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