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Apologies and Explanations

Apologize first:

It’s been well more than a month since my last blog entry (not that anyone has complained). This feels a lot like the old days, when I posted at the frequency of about once every six weeks. Like the lifelong dieter (another of my problems), I made the commitment to do better, to post more often. But I clearly fell off the wagon. I am sorry for that.

Always have a good explanation:

“Officer, I am certain that the light went straight from green to red. I never even saw it turn yellow.”

I have not posted for several weeks, but for good reason.  Reasons plural, actually.

REASON #1: I was on vacation for nearly two weeks.  Since I am utterly convinced that the details of one’s vacation are mind-numbingly boring to all other humans, I maintained an intentional blogger’s silence while vacationing. And for that you should be grateful.

REASON #2: Upon returning from vacation, my long-suffering wife underwent shoulder surgery. For those unacquainted with the procedure, it is painful. And the recuperation takes weeks. These first couple of weeks have been intense – both for the patient and the caregiver. And sadly for my wife, I am a caregiver much in the style of Nurse Ratched.

REASON #3: I have been in the finishing stages for a massive Easter project that has occupied this entire year.  This project is worthy of its own post – and I hope to do that – provided I  can find the time. (Yeah, I’m trying to be funny.) That project is almost out the door.  But the last remaining strands of it are still hanging about.

So – I hope the apology is accepted.  And I trust the explanations are believable enough to get me off the hook for now.  And I promise to write more frequently in 2017.  Really.

And if I don’t, I’ll have a good explanation.


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