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Another Composer Symposium in the Rear View Mirror

What a great week I just experienced in Atlanta at Pine Lake Music, where I taught at Joseph Martin’s Composer Symposium.  This was the 10th anniversary of the event, and I have been privileged to be on the faculty for eight of those years.

The growth of the Symposium, both in numbers and quality, has been great to see.  Registrations this year were higher than ever before.  More importantly, the quality of the music presented by the registrants was the best it has ever been – evidenced by the fact that some 10 pieces presented by registrants were selected for print publication by the three publishers at the workshop.

(Here’s an impressive stat: In the past 10 years, Symposium registrants have placed more than 130 pieces of music into print publication.)

Personally, it’s gratifying to see the marked improvement in the work of the several registrants I have coached for the past few years in Atlanta.  Every one of them has grown as a composer or lyricist. Many of them are now published composers.

I am looking forward to a new chapter in the Composer Symposium’s history this October, when we have our first symposium in Austin, TX.  Until then, my thanks to Joe Martin and my fellow faculty members and to Pine Lake Music and its wonderful staff.  What a terrific thing it it to hang with the likes of John Parker, Joel Raney, Jean Anne Schafferman, Brad Nix, and the MAN – Joe Martin.  Here we all are enjoying dinner and swapping war stories with our gracious Pine Lake hosts.

Composer Symposium faculty 2014

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