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Composer Symposium 2015

Composer Symposium 2015

I am just home from another exhausting but terrific week at Pine Lake Music (Atlanta) for the Joseph Martin Composer Symposium. This was my 10th or 11th year to teach at the event, and the improvement in the quality of the registrant’s work over the past decade is quantifiable. When surveyed, we found that some 50% of the registrants had a piece published in the last year! Amazing.

Kudos to all the registrants who bravely presented their work this year. It requires real nerve to get up in front of fifty musicians and show your latest composition.  And congrats to the dozen or so who will see their latest work get into print in the near future. We had some wonderful presentations of choral music, piano arrangements, and songs. I can’t decide if the sweetest moment of the week was hearing Bill Greer’s beautiful ten year-old granddaughter sing his song (via YouTube, no less), or watching Bill get all weepy as we all enjoyed his granddaughter’s performance.

Things get a little wild with the Symposium faculty.

Things get a little wild with the Symposium faculty.

This event has become an annual highlight for me and this year was no exception. My thanks to Joe Martin for including me on the faculty, and to Dawn Young and the staff and owners of Pine Lake Music for being such great hosts. It was a pleasure to work alongside my fellow faculty members this year: Brad Nix (Shawnee Press), Larry Shackley (Lorenz Music), Rick Nichols, and Steven Bock (both of Fred Bock Music). I’m confident the insights they shared will have a lasting, positive effect on the students and their work.

I hope to see you all there again next year!

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  • Dan Mattix

    Robert, thanks for all your insight. I’ve seen your name on music my whole life, and it was an honor to meet you! See you next year!

    • rsterling

      You’re making me feel old, Dan. 🙂 It was good to meet you. Looking forward to next year.

  • Clare Toy

    Thank you, Robert, for being a part of this Symposium. You are always a blessing!

    • rsterling

      Thx, CT. It’s always a blessing to me as well.

  • Wes Hannibal

    Robert thanks thank you for a look at the inner Robert during devotions,
    By the way you have mail.

    • rsterling

      Wasn’t a pretty sight, was it? R

  • Dave Foley

    Thanks to YOU sir for all of your help, advice, comments on our pieces, and directness. The week always closes too early and I’m already looking forward to next year. Hope to see you then!


    • rsterling

      You’re welcome, D. I’m always glad to learn that our efforts at the Symposium are paying off. I’ll be back every summer so long as they will have me. 🙂

  • Cindy Ovokaitys

    Much thanks to you, Robert, for your years of sharing great wisdom to us all! Cindy

    • rsterling

      Great wisdom. Is that your way of saying I’m old??? You’re welcome, C. 🙂

  • Patricia Mock

    A belated thank you for all you did this year and and years prior to help in making the CS such a success! I hope it is somewhat gratifying to look around and see the community you have helped create and the writers you continue to refine and ENCOURAGE!!!

    • rsterling

      You’re welcome, of course. Thx for the kind comments. Stay in touch.

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