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And If You Were Wondering Where I’ve Been…

… I been busy. Real busy.

I realize I am the WMIB (World’s Most Infrequent Blogger). And I don’t even have the excuse of FaceBook as a time wasting distraction to prevent me from blogging. But the four-month gap between my post in August and today is pretty  spectacular, even for me.

But in my defense, like I said – I been busy. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

August 1: Completed a year-long process of re-writing, re-arranging, recording and mixing the music for the new version of “For Unto Y’all.”

August 5-12: Composed & programmed the new music for Dr. Robert Jeffress’s TV program “Pathway to Victory.”

August 13-16: Orchestrated 3 more classical songs for the guys at StarSaylor music.

August 20-29: Arranged and orchestrated four Christmas pieces for 1st Baptist Church, Dallas, for their outdoor fountain presentation.

September 5: Mixed the music for “Pathway to Victory.”

September 9-19: Programmed the orchestra audio for the FBC Dallas fountain pieces. (These pieces are done totally “in the box.” In essence, I play every note of every part into the computer.)

September 23-29: Record and mix 16 tracks for Brightmoor Christian Church, Novi, MI, for their 2013 Christmas program.

September 30: Get an epidural injection in my back. (Oh yeah – my back’s been killing me. Does that earn any sympathy points?)

November 4-8: Compose, program, record and mix music for a short film for FBC Dallas.

November 20-21: Compose and orchestrate the Overture for FBC Nashville’s Christmas concert.

October 3-yesterday: Write three drafts of the 120-page libretto for a new Broadway-style Christmas musical, to premier next year at Brightmoor Christian Church, in Novi, MI.

This last thing – the Christmas show for Brightmoor Christian Church will keep me busy for the next six months, as well. I’ll try to be a little more informative about my progress on it in the coming weeks.

So, if you were wondering where I’ve been…

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